IAF May Head For Domestic Routes For “Super Sukhoi” Program To Upgrade 200 Su30mki Jets

The IAF is considering ordering 12 new Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighters, which might be delivered in kit form. After the production line at HAL ended in 2019, almost 400 Indian businesses stopped manufacturing about 6000 components that go into each Su-30 aircraft due to direct supplies from Russia.

Because procuring components from Russian manufacturers are less expensive due to mass production for both domestic and export markets, if the Russian supply chain does not improve in the coming months, a large portion of the Su-30 fleet could be grounded in the long run, according to several experts, the MoD should break away from the contract obligation and allow Indian manufacturers to begin work on some of the Russian components, which is not permitted under the contract.

Officials in the Defense establishment have also encouraged the Defense Ministry to use Indian-made components for the Super Sukhoi upgrade of roughly 200 units.

Early this year, HAL offered an indigenous upgrade programme to the Indian Air Force, which they have been pursuing with their headquarters. The concept includes indigenously made avionics and radars, electronic warfare jammers, an updated cockpit layout, and indigenous armaments.

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