Mariupol Was Bombed By A Russian Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber Equipped With A Super Bomb.

The Russian army reported the capture of the Azovsta steel mill on April 16, indicating the Russian army’s entire control of Mariupol and the destruction of the Azov Battalion!¬†Earlier, Zelensky stated that if Russia eliminates the Ukrainian army in Mariupol, Ukraine will terminate talks with Russia.

Since the start of the war, the Ukrainian army, National Guard, and mercenaries have killed a total of 23,367 people, according to Russian figures. Mariupol has an area of 30,000 square kilometres. The Azov battalion and the Ukrainian army are encircled in a narrow region, and the conflict is over.

The conflict, however, lasted for more than ten days. The Ukrainian army also worked hard to save the large fish trapped in the encirclement, dispatching six helicopters and a boat to rescue them. Russians, however, destroyed them all.

The 36th Marine Brigade was sent to the port and metallurgical complex, while the Azov battalion was sent to the steel factory. The 36th Brigade surrendered in the harbour in one day. More than 1,500 personnel from the 36th Brigade, which controlled the steel and metallurgical plants, surrendered within a few days, and 3,000 Ukrainian forces surrendered one by one.

The Russian army did not strike the steel mill with heavy weaponry. The tank was the most powerful weapon. It demolished certain less significant structures in order to safeguard vital infrastructure such as blast furnaces. Because the European steel mill market accounts for one-third of the total.

To destroy underground bunkers, the strategic bomber Tu 22 flew over the steel mill and dropped eight FAB-500 and FAB-3000 bombs. The hole caused by the explosion, according to some witnesses, is more than 100 metres in diameter and more than 10 metres deep. Buildings within a one-square-kilometer radius collapsed, and personnel’s internal organs were blasted. The steel plant’s subterranean tunnel, which was believed to be able to withstand atomic bombs, collapsed.

Russia also offers FAB-5000 and FAB-9000, with weights of half a tonne, 3 tonnes, 5 tonnes, and 9 tonnes, respectively, in addition to FAB-500 and FAB-3000. The Azov battalion was wiped out as a result of these bombs being thrown into the steel plant. There was little resistance when the Russian army swept in, and the living were stunned.

What would happen if a bomb weighing nine tonnes was dropped?

Thousands of such massive bombs are claimed to have been created in the former Soviet Union, but were afterwards sealed, and this is the first time the FAB-3000 has been used in an actual conflict.

The Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, which dropped the bombs, is 42.46 metres long, 34.28 metres wide, and 11.08 metres tall, with a maximum take-off weight of 126 tonnes and a Mach 1.88 speed. Without mid-air refuelling, the combat radius of the Tu-22 M3 is roughly 4,000-5,000 km, but at supersonic speed, the combat radius drops to 1,800 km.

This is, nevertheless, Russia’s medium-range strategic bomber. The Tu-160 “White Swan,” the world’s largest strategic bomber, can fly to the United States with bombs capable of destroying half a city. Tu-95 is also available in Russia.

The Russian bombing indicates that the Ukrainian army has survived for so long not because of its superior fighting capabilities, but because they deployed human shields to allow the Russian army to use only light weapons, and they prioritised the rescue of civilians.

Russian Su-35 fighter jets assaulted Lviv on the same day. The westernmost city in Ukraine, where military supplies from the United States and NATO arrived.

According to prior allegations, Russia continues to possess bombs with iron nails and gasoline. The bombs are detonated near hostile positions or groupings. The iron nails, which are much more than bomb bits and have a high lethality, are strewn throughout the sky.

These massive bombs are powerful, easy to create, and inexpensive. Explosives, gasoline, iron nails, and iron sheets are all examples of raw materials. They do not require importation. If the tens of thousands of bombs on hand aren’t enough, they’ll make tens of thousands more.

The Russian army is reportedly screening men of acceptable age groups one by one in Mariupol, according to the report. The former police chief handed himself in to the Russian army and helped them identify the Azov battalion’s personnel.

In addition to Ukrainian marines, soldiers from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and other nations have surrendered to the Russian army. American and British officers are actively cooperating with Ukrainian marines.

Five Ukrainian brigade commanders are said to have been apprehended. The interrogation is underway, and they will provide additional information. Russia has also issued an official warning to the US, stating that the US and NATO’s supply of arms to Ukraine will have unintended effects.

The involvement of American and NATO soldiers in the conflict would give Russia even more motive to utilise strategic bombers and large bombs.

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