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Made In India ‘Loitering Munitions’ Successfully Tested At A High Altitude In Ladakh

Armed forces throughout the world are introducing increasingly technologically advanced and inventive systems to the battlefield at a rapid pace. And the Indian Army will soon be able to use Loitering Munitions produced in India. ‘Loitering Munitions’ were successfully tested at high altitude in Ladakh, a first for a private enterprise.

Economic Explosives Ltd (EEL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Solar Industries India Ltd., has developed and tested ‘Loitering Munitions’ in collaboration with Z Motion Autonomous Pvt. Ltd. of Bengaluru.

According to the company all the three newly developed Loitering Munitions including Hexacopter, LM1 and LM0, were tested successfully last month in the Nubra Valley area of Ladakh.
Image Courtesy: Financial Express Online

The business claims that all three newly developed loitering munitions, including the Hexacopter, LM1 and LM0, were successfully tested last month in Ladakh’s Nubra Valley.

During tests, the LM1 and LM0 were able to maintain full endurance for 60 minutes.

The Hexacopter made history by being the first in the world to successfully test Man Portable Loiter Munitions with a 4 kg warhead at a flying ceiling of 4500 metres. The Army Design Bureau made this possible.

More than 80% of the content is indigenous, and it complies with international quality and safety standards. When compared to imported goods, the corporation says that these products created in the United States will save over 40%.

For the development of these high-tech end systems, Solar has been working closely with Z Motion Autonomous System Pvt. Ltd, which specialises in the design and development of drones, UAVs, control, and communication systems, among other things.

Solar recently announced a strategic decision to purchase a 45 percent ownership investment in the Bengaluru-based startup for an undisclosed sum. This funding is likely to bolster Solar’s ambition of developing armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for offensive and Counter Drone systems for defensive purposes, according to an official release.

According to the business, it has expanded into the design and development of weaponized drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as strategic ammunition delivery systems.

What is currently being developed?

Loiter Munitions, Missiles on Drones, Drone based Gravity Drop Bombs, and other systems are under development, according to the company, and can carry a variety of explosive warheads that can be used to neutralise tank and combat vehicles, civil fortifications, soft skinned targets in open areas, and more.

Counter Drone Systems, which can be deployed to engage swarms of hostile drones, are also in development.

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