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Could India get F-35 and F-21 fighters jets? Nay if Russia and China go their own way

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The US defense contractor attempted to sell up to 100 F21s to India, an aircraft that would be exclusive to the Indian Air Force. Lockheed Martin could use such an agreement as a way to eventually offer the F35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter to India.

Currently, the General Dynamics F16 Fighting Falcon is in service with more than twenty-five nations across the world. While the single-engine supersonic multirole fighter is no longer purchased by the U.S. Air Force, for whom the aircraft was first developed, upgraded versions are still available in the export phase and nearly 4,600 have been produced.

The aircraft, which is now manufactured by Lockheed Martin, which essentially acquired the aircraft manufacturing business of General Dynamics in the 1990s, highlighted key aspects of the Cold War era fighter, arguing that it is acts the best value among 4th generation jets due to its capabilities and cost effective life cycle.

The current F16 Block 70/72, which is the newest and most advanced F16 product, has been touted for many key attributes, including an aircraft structure that can last fifty percent longer than production models. previous ones.

Additionally, according to Lockheed Martin, the F16 Block 70/72 combines capability upgrades including advanced Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar (AESA) with new avionics architecture.

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