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Russian Troops In Ukraine Deployed Flamethrower Weapon In Ukraine

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  • Putin says that this is true not only in the parts of Ukraine that they actually control, but also in all of the Ukrainian Oblasts.
  • The UN says that a "special military operation" can only happen following a resolution from the UN.

Russia has confirmed that a famous flamethrower will be sent to the front line in Ukraine. The TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower system is talked about. The report came from the Department of Defense on March 3, which said that the equipment was already being used by airborne forces in Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense says that the system will be utilized on the battlefield. Open-source reports say that the TOS-1A is already in service. On March 2, a video showed up on the network that said Russian forces were already shooting the TOS-1A. The video illustrates how powerful the device is and says that it has already been used to strike Ukrainian positions.

The flamethrower equipment was first given to Russian forces in the Saratov Region. The Kremlin says that there are troops there to deal with radioactive, chemical, and biological threats.

There are different statements regarding how strong the weapon is and how hard it hits. Some unreliable reports say that when the system’s missile hits the ground, it elevates the temperature in a certain radius by 3,000 degrees Celsius.

TOS-1A dual purpose

Colonel Alexei Goncharov of Russia says that the TOS-1A has two uses to the Russian media. First, it hits “terribly,” and second, it sends the opponent into a panic. The Russian officer said that the TOS-1A is one of Russia’s weapons that can help the Russian army win on the battlefield and bring triumph to the Kremlin.

Russian news outlets say that the flamethrower system has already won important battles. For example, RIA Novosti says that TOS-1A has already damaged the Ukrainian army’s entrenched positions. Some sources say that Ukrainian positions near Kremennaya in Luhansk Narodna have already been torched. A military analyst for RIA Novosti argues that even a soldier in the trenches can’t shield himself from the strength of the system, which fires thermobaric missiles.

No one knows how many TOS-1As the Russian army has in its stock. But it turned out that in 2017, the Kremlin placed an order for 20 units that would be supplied to the Russian military to protect them against radiation, chemicals, and diseases.

About TOS-1A

The TOS-1A is the most recent version of the TOS-1 flamethrower system, which is the same as the TOS-1. It was made in the year 2001. Since the start of the war, TOS-1 has been utilized in Ukraine. has written many times about how the Ukrainian army has damaged Ukrainian positions and TOS-1 systems.

Three people work together to run TOS-1A. The T-72 tank chassis is used for the TOS-1A, which is a self-propelled flamethrower system. The system is filled with 24 rockets, while the flamethrower’s reloading mechanism is loaded with 48 rockets.

The TOS-1A can work up to 6,000 meters away, and it can work as close as 400 meters away. The fact that the device can launch many rockets each second is what makes it interesting. The system’s missiles don’t have guidance, but they have an extra engine that lets them travel farther. The system can go up to 500 kilometers, and it can go as fast as 60 km/h at its fastest.

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On February 21, 2022, Russia said that an FSB border facility had been destroyed by firing from the Ukraine. Russia said that it had killed 5 soldiers from Ukraine. They sought to get across the border into Russia. Both instances were labeled “false flags” by Ukraine, which said it had nothing to do with them.

On the same day, the DPR and LPR were officially recognized by the Russian government. Putin says that this is true not only in the parts of Ukraine that they actually control, but also in all of the Ukrainian Oblasts. Putin told Russian troops and tanks to move into the area.

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order for the Russian Armed Forces that had been on the border to invade Ukraine. After the invasion, military buildings in the country were hit with airstrikes, and tanks came in across the border with Belarus.

Russia hasn’t called the invasion of Ukraine a “war” yet, even though that’s what it is. Instead, it calls it a “special military operation.” The UN says that a “special military operation” can only happen following a resolution from the UN. There is no answer like that. So this is an attack on Ukraine and a war against it.

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