GE To Produce Engines for LCA Mk2 Soon – A Closer Look At the F414-INS6 Engine

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  • The order was made for the F404-GE-IN20, which is the most powerful engine in the GE-F404 line.
  • The relationship between HAL and GE will get even better when F414 engines for the future LCA Mk2 program are made in India.

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming trip to the US, a deal for the local manufacturing of the GE F414-INS6 engine for the Mk-2 Tejas fighter jet with transfer of technology (ToT) is expected to be approved. This is expected to give India’s defense manufacturing sector a big boost.

General Electric, which is based in the US, has asked the US Congress for permission to work together to make jet engines that could power jet planes made in India. At the end of the meeting between NSA Director Ajit Doval and his counterpart, Jake Sullivan, the White House sent out a fact sheet that said they had received the request and offered to review it quickly.

The company will work with Defence Research and Development Organisation to make F414-INS6 engines for Tejas Mk2, which will replace the old Mirage 2000, MiG-29, and Jaguar fighters. If the request is approved, the engine maker is likely to give India the technology it needs to make important parts.

The F/A-18 Super Hornet and the EA-18G Growler are two fighter jets that use the GE-414 engine. This engine is strong and reliable, and it is used in a number of other fighter jets as well. It should give the MK-2 Tejas the performance and powers it needs to deal with the challenges of the battlefield in the 21st century.

The deal to make the GE F414 engine in India is part of a larger move by India and the US to work together more closely on defense. Once the deal is signed, it is expected to create jobs and help India’s economy grow. This is because India will need to build a new supply chain in order to make the engine locally. After meeting India’s needs, the engines can also be sent to other countries.

The deal to buy GE-414 engines is a big step in India’s plans to make its own defense products.

GE F414 Features

The GE F414 is a high-performance, two-spool, axial-flow turbofan engine that powers a number of military planes, such as the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, the JAS 39 Gripen, and the Tejas Mark II. The GE F414 engine is based on the GE F404, which was made in the 1970s. There are a number of things about the GE414 that make it a good choice for military planes.

High thrust: The GE F414 can make up to 18,000 pounds of thrust, which is enough to power a wide range of planes on a wide range of tasks.

High reliability: Over 10 million hours of flight time have been logged on the GE F414. This shows that it is reliable.

Low maintenance: This engine is made to be easy to maintain, which cuts down on the cost of owning it.

Environmentally friendly: It meets all of the current rules about the environment and is made to be even better for the environment in the future.

More about F414 engine:

Digital Engine Control (DEC): The GE414 is the first fighter engine to use a FADEC system, which stands for “full authority digital engine control.” FADEC gives the driver exact control over how the engine works, which saves fuel and cuts down on pollution.

Integrated Electronic Engine Instrumentation (IEE): Is the first jet engine to have an integrated electronic engine instrumentation (IEE) system. IEE gives pilots real-time information about how the engine is running, which helps them make choices about how to run the engine.

Wide chord, high-pressure compressor (HPC):Its wide chord, high-pressure compressor (HPC) is more efficient and puts out less pollution than engines from the last generation.

Low-pressure turbine (LPT): The low-pressure turbine (LPT) in the engine is made to work well and last a long time.


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), which is owned by the government, ordered 99 engines and support services from GE Aviation in the US for $716 million in 2021. The ‘Tejas’ Light Combat Aircraft will be powered by these engines. The order was made for the F404-GE-IN20, which is the most powerful engine in the GE-F404 line. Both HAL and GE have worked together for nearly 20 years. By 2029, all of the engines and support services should be done.

The relationship between HAL and GE will get even better when F414 engines for the future LCA Mk2 program are made in India.

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