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NSA Doval’s Firm Stand: All Terrorism Acts Unjustifiable, Irrespective Of Motivation

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  • He said that India is deeply involved in the humanitarian help that is being given to the people of Afghanistan.
  • Doval said that the Afghan cricket team is in India to play in the ICC World Cup matches.

India offered to fully pay the central Asian countries’ skills in a wide range of areas, such as cyber security, so they could fight terrorism and drug trafficking more effectively on Tuesday. At a security meeting in Kazakhstan, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval made the offer. He said that terrorism is still one of the biggest threats to international peace and security, and that it is “unjustifiable” no matter what its motive or cause is.

“Terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations, continues to constitute one of the most serious threats to international peace and security,” he stated.

The NSA offered the five central Asian countries “fully funded” programs to help them build their skills in a lot of different areas.

Doval told the meeting of the NSAs of India and central Asian countries that drug trade is a very bad thing that is often used by terrorist groups and organized crime gangs.

He offered India’s help to deal with the problem and said that everyone needs to work together to get rid of this threat.

Doval said that India had asked the heads of the cyber security agencies of all the countries in central Asia to visit for a strategic cyber tour.

In reference to the meeting taking place at a time when the world is facing many problems, he said that discussion is the only way to settle disagreements and conflicts.

He said that all efforts to solve conflicts should be based on diplomacy and that India wants to have deep, important, and long-lasting relationships with all central Asian countries.

The NSAs of central Asian countries liked India’s plans to improve ties between the two regions, including by building up people’s skills.

Doval also said that India is ready to give the central Asian countries free technology related to the United Payment Interface (UPI) so that they can use it on their own.

Sources say that setting up sovereign digital payment systems will greatly improve business ties between India and Central Asia. It will also help people who may need to fly to India for medical care.

The NSA said that India’s top goal is to connect and integrate economically with the countries in central Asia.

While he agreed that it was good to encourage connectivity, he also said that it was important to make sure that efforts were open, consultative, and inclusive.

Doval said that efforts to connect countries should respect each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He also said that these initiatives should respect the environment, make sure they can afford to run, and not end up putting too much debt on countries.

The comments came as disapproval of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) grew.

Doval pointed out that the fact that there isn’t a straight land route between Central Asia and India is strange in this situation.

He said things that were taken as an indirect reference to Pakistan that this lack of direct connection was caused by a country’s policy of denial.

He said that this situation damages not only this country but also the health and happiness of the whole area.

Doval also talked about the benefits of adding the port of Chabahar to the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC).

He asked his neighbors in central Asia to use the Chabahar port and its Shaheed Bahesti dock, which is run by an Indian company, for trade by sea. INSTC should include Chabahar port, so he asked for help for this.

Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are both going to join the INSTC soon. Now, all five of the countries in central Asia are INSTC members.

The first meeting of the NSAs and security council secretaries of India and central Asian countries took place in New Delhi on December 6, 2017.

Doval also said that the “cause of concern” situation in Afghanistan is still there.

He said that our top goals right now are to help people in need, make sure that a truly inclusive and representative government is formed, fight terrorism and drug trafficking, and protect the rights of women, children, and minorities.

He said that India is deeply involved in the humanitarian help that is being given to the people of Afghanistan.

Doval said that the Afghan cricket team is in India to play in the ICC World Cup matches. This is in line with India’s plan to promote sports in Afghanistan.

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