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Army Commander Warns Of Pakistan’s Attempts To Infiltrate Foreign Terrorists Into J&K

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  • He also praised the people in the area for their support and said that the latest success was due to their help with the army.
  • An army official said that it had raised the troops' morale and inspired them to do more missions like this for the country.

Pakistan is trying to bring foreign terrorists into Jammu and Kashmir, Northern Army commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi said on Friday. He also pointed out that militant groups have retired soldiers from Pakistan among their members. He said these things after paying his respects to the five soldiers, two of whom were captains, who were killed in gunfights with terrorists in the Bajimaal area of the Dharmsal belt in Rajouri district on Wednesday and Thursday.

During the fight, security forces killed two terrorists, including Quari, a top LeT commander who lived in Pakistan and had been trained in Afghanistan.

The Lieutenant General told reporters that operations have been stepped up in the border districts of Rajouri and Poonch to get rid of more than twenty foreign terrorists in the area within a year. According to the army commander, the killing of the two dangerous foreign terrorists is a big setback for Pakistan’s plans to make the area less stable.

The Lt. General was asked about the presence of some retired Pakistani special forces members among the terrorists. He said, “When we tried to identify terrorists, we came to know that some of them are retired army personnel (of Pakistan).”

Unfortunately, Pakistan is trying to bring in foreign terrorists because the local people, especially young people, don’t want to join the terrorist ranks. Lt. General Dwivedi said, “We are working hard to stop the foreign terrorists.”

He said “yes” without giving any more information when asked if Pakistan planned to send more terrorists in the next few months to mess up upcoming elections, such as the Lok Sabha elections.

He said that because the Rajouri-Poonch belt is connected to the national highway, the number of terrorists in that area changes. This includes the number of terrorists active in the south of Pir Panjal. “Roughly there is a possibility of 20 to 25 terrorists operating in the area but the way army, police and other intelligence agencies have intensified their operations, we are sure to control the situation within one year,” Lieutenant General Dwivedi told us.

He talked about the terrorists who were killed in the Bajimaal encounter and said, “They created an ecosystem, and their killing has dealt a severe blow to Pakistan to create trouble in the region.”

He said that it was a big success that the five soldiers’ sacrifices stopped the two dangerous terrorists. “Terrorists were active for a year, but we couldn’t find them.” Lt. Gen. Dwivedi said, “Someone was giving them weapons, ammunition, and information.”

He said that neutralizing them was very important because they were behind the attacks on security forces at Kandi that killed five soldiers and killed 10 civilians in Dhangri and TCP in Rajouri town.

The army commander said it was possible that they had been trained in more than one place, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“They were highly trained foreign terrorists, and our brave soldiers went into the operation without thinking about their own safety and killed them.” “The troops did a great job,” he said.

Some of the people who laid wreaths on the graves of the soldiers who died in the Bajimaal encounter were Lt. General Dwivedi, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha of Jammu and Kashmir, Lt. General Sandeep Jain, who was in charge of the White Knight Corps in Jammu, Director General of Police R.R. Swain, Additional Director General of Police, Law and Order Vijay Kumar, and Inspector General of Police, Jammu Zone, Anand Jain.

“I honor the brave soldiers in our army: Captain MV Pranjal, Captain Shubham Gupta, Havaldar Abdul Majid, and Lance Naik.” Sanjay Bisht and Paratrooper Sachin Laur died while protecting the country during an operation in Rajouri to fight terrorism. The bravery and selflessness they showed will never be forgotten. “Sending my condolences to their families,” the Lt. Governor wrote on X after the ceremony where the wreaths were laid.

Lt Gen Dwivedi talked about his recent conversation with Captain Bhist. “I gave him a compliment card and asked him what he wants to do next,” he said. In response, he said he would do something big in seven days. He gave his life for his country.

He also brought up a statement in which Captain Pranjal’s father praised his brave son. An army official said that it had raised the troops’ morale and inspired them to do more missions like this for the country.

It’s not only a big win for the security forces that Quari was killed; it’s also good news for the people who were living in fear. “There is no longer any fear, and more people will come forward to help stop the active terrorists,” he said.

He also praised the people in the area for their support and said that the latest success was due to their help with the army.

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