Saab Building Carl-Gustaf Manufacturing Factory In India

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  • Carl-Gustaf stated its wide range of ammunition has become it the Indian military's premier shoulder-launched weapon.
  • The corporation also wants to work with Indian industry to develop a strong defence industrial base in India to make products for India and the world.

Saab, a Swedish defence company, said on Saturday that it will build a factory in India to make Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifles. This will help the Indian military make the man-portable multi-role weapon system.

Mats Palmberg, Chairman and Managing Director of Saab India Technologies, said that the company will work with Indian sub-suppliers and that the systems made in the facility will fully meet the requirements of “Make in India.”

“We will do everything we can to help the Indian government’s “Atmanirbhar” approach to defence. In order to do this, Saab is building a factory for Carl-Gustaf in India, which will make production in the country even stronger “he said.

Palmberg also said that the facility will help make Carl-Gustaf M4 for the Indian military and Carl-Gustaf M4 parts for users all over the world.

A company statement said that the Carl-Gustaf M4 is a man-portable multi-role weapon system with a wide range of ammunition types that gives it high tactical flexibility. “It is very light (less than seven kilogrammes) and has better ergonomics, which shortens the time it takes to do something,” it said.

The new M4 meets the needs of modern war zones and can be used with new technologies in the future. The Indian Army has been using the Carl-Gustaf weapon system since 1976, the statement said.

The company said that because Carl-Gustaf has so many kinds of ammunition, it has become the main shoulder-launched weapon in the Indian armed forces.

Saab said that it will show a variety of products and solutions for a defence and security environment that is changing quickly at Aero India 2023, which starts here on February 13 and lasts for five days.

It also said that the company would work with Indian businesses to move forward with its plans to build a strong defence industrial base in India that would make products for India and the rest of the world.

“At Aero India 2023, we’ll show off our newest technologies that are changing how defence and security are planned, deployed, and prepared for the future,” Palmberg said.

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