Interpol Warns That Arms Sent To Ukraine Will End The Hands Of Criminals Once The War Is Over

After the crisis ends, weapons brought to Ukraine in response to Russia’s military action will wind up in the global hidden economy and in the hands of criminals, according to Interpol Secretary-General Jürgen Stock.

He believes that once the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which began in late February after Moscow launched a “special military operation” in Kyiv, is over, a torrent of guns and heavy weapons will flood the world market. Hence, Stock urged on the Interpol’s member nations, especially the ones supplying weapons, to cooperate on arms tracing.

Speaking to Anglo-American Press Association in Paris, the Interpol head said, “Once the guns fall silent [in Ukraine], the illegal weapons will come. We know this from many other theatres of conflict. The criminals are even now, as we speak, focusing on them,” stated The Guardian.

He went on to warn that criminal groups frequently try to “exploit these chaotic conditions,” as well as the availability of firearms, even those handed to the army for usage. “These will be available on the black market and will pose a hurdle,” Stock added. Because these organisations operate on a worldwide scale, no country or region can deal with them in isolation… In Europe and beyond, we can expect an invasion of weaponry.”

Interpol chief added, “We should be alarmed and we have to expect these weapons to be trafficked not only to neighbouring countries but to other continents”.

Interpol asks member nations to ‘track and trace’ weapons

Interpol has instructed member governments to utilise their database to “track and trace” the firearms, according to Stock’s report. He also stated that the organisation is in contact with a number of countries and encourages them to use the instruments. “Criminals are interested in all kinds of firearms,” Stock continued, “essentially any weaponry that may be transported could be utilised for illicit purposes.”

The Interpol chief’s words came as the Russia-Ukraine war entered its 100th day and is still going strong. Since the beginning of the crisis on February 24, Ukraine’s supporters in the West have dispatched significant quantities of high-end military hardware to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden revealed on Tuesday that the US will supply Kyiv “more advanced” missile systems and bombs.

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