India Bolsters Defence Ties With Uzbekistan: General Manoj Pande Unveils Advanced IT Lab

The Chief of the Army Staff, General Manoj Pande, opened a state-of-the-art IT lab at the Uzbek Academy of Armed Forces. This is a big step toward better ties between India and Uzbekistan.

As promised at the meeting of Defense Ministers in September 2018, the army chief’s trip to Uzbekistan from April 15th to 18th is seen as a key step toward improving defense relations between the two countries.

The idea for the IT Lab was first brought up at this high-level meeting. It got momentum when it was approved in 2019 and funded by the Ministry of External Affairs’ “c” initiative.

The project’s budget was set at Rs 6.5 crore, but bids came in higher than that. Because of this, Rs. 8.5 crore was set aside to finish it. The contract was given to an Indian company, which made sure the lab was fully working on time.

The computer lab is very modern and has nine rooms. There are two teaching halls, a cutting-edge cybersecurity lab, a hardware programming lab, an object-oriented programming lab, a web programming lab, a server room, a multimedia room, and a virtual reality room.

To top it all off, the lab has video conferencing screens, interactive panels, networking devices, and a variety of computers, such as high-end PCs, workstations, laptops, and printers, cameras, scanners, and storage devices.

This joint project is a big step forward in technology for Uzbekistan’s defense school. It also shows that India and Uzbekistan are becoming closer as a country, which means they will be able to work together more on defense and technology issues.

The opening of the IT lab should improve the training tools for the Uzbek military and help India and Uzbekistan work together and understand each other better in the future in the areas of defense and technology.

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