Over 400 Agniveer Joins Ladakh Scouts Regiment At Passing Out Parade

A spokesperson for the defense department said that on Tuesday, up to 402 well-trained Agniveer recruits were brought into the Army’s Ladakh Scouts unit.

A spokesperson said that the ceremony, which followed the highest Army customs, was inspected by Maj Gen Dinesh Kumar Singh, Chief of Staff, Headquarters 14 Corps. A wide range of distinguished military officers, civilian dignitaries, and parents of Agniveers were present.

He said that six young Agniveers were given medals during the parade for doing really well in training.

A spokesperson said that the “Gaurav Padak” was given to the happy parents whose children had joined the regiment as Agniveers. It was a proud moment for the recruits’ families, who had come from far away to see the big event.

Maj Gen Singh told the young recruits how proud he was of their impressive parade and urged them to serve their country for the rest of their lives as proud Army troops. Besides that, he praised the parents for getting their kids to join the Army and making them feel proud of their country.

The reviewing officer also said nice things about the Ladakh Scouts members for how well they did in all areas and how brave and selfless they were while protecting the nation’s security.

As an example of the Army’s true spirit, he told the young troops to keep working hard to be the best in everything they did and to make a solemn promise to protect the country’s sovereignty no matter what.

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