Zen Technologies Wins Armed Forces Order For Rs 127 Crore

Friday, Zen Technologies, a company that helps the military with training, said that the armed forces had given it a Rs. 127 crore order.

After facing setbacks in 2012 because of the cancellation of large tenders, Zen said in a regulatory filing that it had stopped taking part in large tenders. In the last 10 years, Zen has made a complete turnaround.

“In line with the simulation framework that came out in September 2021, the Indian government has recently sped up the process of putting simulators into the armed forces.

This move not only saves a lot of money, but it also gives our forces better training and is the most environmentally friendly way to get them ready for battle “Ashok Atluri, the CEO and Chairman of Zen Technologies, said.

The company designs, develops, and makes defense training systems for security forces that use sensor and simulator technology. It also has solutions for drones and ways to stop them. “In the last ten years, the company has changed in every way.

Zen is sure that it is in a good position to take part in and contribute to the growth and progress of the country. The company thinks that the next few years will be very good, and it expects to sign a number of big contracts in the near future “Atluri said.

He said that Zen will be a big help to the government’s Agnipath project and its efforts to update training. “The actions of the Indian government show that it does what it says it will do to support its stated goals. One example of this is the use of simulators in the armed forces “Atluri said.

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