The Indian Army Doesn’t Let Agniveers Get Married While They Are In Service

The Indian Army has told people who want to join the Agniveer scheme that they can’t get married during the first four years of their commitment. This is especially true for people who want to get married.

The Agniveer program is a four-year commitment that gives people the chance to join the Army. Army officials have made it clear that only unmarried Agniveers who have finished their initial four-year commitment will be considered for re-enlistment as regular sepoys.

According to the rules for hiring, people can be chosen for the Agniveer scheme if they are between 17.5 and 21 years old. But people who join at 20 or 21 won’t be able to get married during their first stint, even if they reach the age when they can get married. The candidates will have to submit a properly notarized affidavit on a form that says “I promise not to get married if I am chosen as an Agniveer.”

In rural Haryana, people like to marry soldiers, and because landholdings are shrinking, Army jobs are the only chance for young people from the countryside. The president of the ex-servicemen group in Haryana’s Jind district, Honorary Captain Ishwar Singh, said that the rule that they can’t get married for four years would have a big effect on the state’s rural belt.

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