The Border Issue Is Complicated, But Neither Side Wants War Or Conflict: Chinese Envoy

China and India will have to deal with “difficulties” because of the situation at the border, but neither country wants war or conflict, said Ma Jia, Charge D’affaires at the Chinese embassy, on Wednesday. At a press conference here, Ma said that the situation along the border was “very complicated.” He also said that it wasn’t easy to come to an agreement, which is why the two countries were talking through the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Cooperation and senior commander-level meetings.

She said that the situation with Ukraine had “worsened” since the agreement at the G20 Summit in Bali, and that it was now “harder to come to an agreement.”

Her comments come after a joint statement was released after a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. The statement said that both countries will fight against using multilateral platforms to talk about “irrelevant issues.”

After Sun Weidong’s term ended in October of last year, China has not yet named a new Ambassador to India. The mission in New Delhi has been led by senior diplomat Ma.

In her earlier “suo moto” remarks, Ma said that the situation on the border was stable and that China and India were keeping in touch through the channels that had already been set up, such as the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Cooperation and the senior commander level meetings.

“I’ve already said that there are problems. We have to face it, though. We are also sure that neither nor India want war. We both don’t want a war. Neither of us wants an argument near the border, “The top Chinese diplomat in India said this when she talked about how she saw the situation at the border.

She said that the border problem has been around for a long time and that it wasn’t easy to find a solution.

“We keep talking about it because of this. We have to talk about the problems and face them. I think that both sides want to make things better. Already, our two leaders agree on this, so I think we can find a way out “Ma said.

There are signs that Russia and China will be against bringing up the Ukraine issue on multilateral platforms. A Chinese diplomat said that it might be hard to reach a consensus at the G20 if “important security issues” were brought up at a meeting meant to talk about economic and financial issues.

“As long as you’re off the beaten path and talking about important security issues on economic and financial platforms, it’s hard to come to an agreement. We follow this principle in the G20. Even if only one country disagrees, it is still not a consensus “she told me.

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