Terrorism And Internal Security To Persist In India: Army Commander Gen. Manoj Pande

Tuesday, Army Chief Gen. Manoj Pande said that India will continue to face problems with terrorism and internal security, but that the country’s security forces will work together to solve them.

He said this after he opened the All India Police Commando Competition, which was put on by the National Security Guard (NSG), a federal emergency force, at its garrison in Manesar.

Gen. Pande said that the enemy can use drones, the internet, cyberspace, and social media to do bad things because of new technology.

“You all know that terrorism and the state of our country’s security affect us in many ways. We’re facing these problems together. Because of this, (security) is getting better in many states.

“These problems will still be around in the future. Some of these problems will last a long time, some will show up indirectly, and some will stay hidden,” he said.

Gen. Pande said that terrorist attacks in the country are “possible,” but they can’t be ruled out. He praised the intelligence and security services for stopping a number of terrorist plans and networks.

He praised the NSG, which is a federal anti-terrorist force, for getting good at finding and getting rid of bombs, sniping, stopping drones, and working well with other security agencies.

The competition, which ends on March 31, involves 24 teams from different Central Armed Police Forces and state police organisations.

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