Meet Arjun, The Indian Army’s Newest Anti-Drone Flying Soldier

This kite is held in the hand of an Indian soldier and takes off quickly when it finds its target. It is an unmanned aircraft that is hovering nearby. This is Arjun, one of the new drone warriors in the Indian Army.

During Yuddh Abhyas, a war exercise between Indian and US troops in Auli, Uttarakhand, the Indian troops showed off Arjun’s skills.

As the bird flies through the air with a camera on its head, a person in charge watches the flight. So the target, a quadcopter, is locked down and shot down.

This is a new way to take down drones that combines the instincts of a dog with the hawk-eye of a kite.

When the dogs hear the buzzing of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hovering above them, they raise the alarm. Then, the bird is sent to find the target, and within minutes, it’s down.

During the Yuddh Abhyas in Auli, Uttarakhand, there were a number of drills, but this one caught the attention of the tourists. US soldiers stood there with their cameras, trying to catch the moment when the Kite shot down the drone.

As a new way to fight drones, the Indian Army’s veterinary corps has been training these birds. “Several of these birds have been taught to do tricks. During tests, they have been able to shoot down drones “said a representative.

It is very hard to stop drones in war zones and near borders. Officials said, “This strategy can be a force multiplier for the new anti-drone technology and weapons because drones are used for surveillance and also as deadly combat drones that can carry out aerial attacks.”

With cameras on their heads, the birds can also be used to keep an eye on things other than drones. From the ground, everything that the camera sees is watched. What began as a test run in 2020 has finally taken off.

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