Indian Navy’s Successful BrahMos Missile Test-Fire In Bay Of Bengal

On Wednesday, the Indian Navy fired a BrahMos missile from one of its warships in the Bay of Bengal. The missile hit its target. Because they were ready for operations, the Indian Navy was able to hit all of BrahMos’s parameters during the test-firing. The shooting happened in the Bay of Bengal, which is part of the Indian Navy’s Eastern Command.

In general, this was how ready the blue water navy was for operations and how ready the Chinese fleet was to fight back. The navy has also fired a wider range of BrahMos missiles with different ranges and powers in the past.

The R-class destroyer ship and its powerful weapon are both made in India. They are another bright example of “AatmaNirbharta” and the naval power of the Indian Navy. It meets all threats from enemies, especially the PLA NAVY of China.

Supersonic cruise missiles

A top official at BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd said that the India-Russian partnership makes 2.8 Mach cruise missiles that can be fired from submarines, ships, planes, or land platforms. These missiles can go almost three times the speed of sound.

It’s important to note that India also sends BrahMos rockets to some countries, such as the Philippines. The Indian Navy also tried their Extended range capability, which is worth mentioning.

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