Indian Navy Interested In Boeing Super Hornet Fighter Aircraft

A senior official at the company said that details about the Super Hornet fighter planes that the company makes have been sent to the Indian Navy for evaluation. Alain Garcia, the head of business development for Boeing Defense, Space, and Security in India, The company has given the information and that the Indian Navy is also interested in buying six more P-8 patrol planes.

“Right now, we have given the Indian Navy all the information they need to make a decision. We’re just ready and waiting for them to make a decision and let us know what’s going on “Garcia said at Aero India-2023, which is still going on.

Garcia said that the P-8 aircraft has been a great base for the Indian Navy.

“They have flown the P-8 aircraft for a lot of hours over the years, to the point where it really helps their ability to patrol and watch for submarines and do maritime surveillance,” he said.

Garcia said that Boeing can also help by making more Apache helicopters and P-8 planes.

He said that the Indian Army has already bought six Apaches and is waiting for the first six to arrive.

“The first one just came off the line where we put them together. Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited (TBAL), which is a joint venture between Tata and Boeing, makes all of the Apache fuselages in Hyderabad, India “the Boeing official went on to say.

In response to the call for a “independent India,” Garcia said that there are a lot of ways to get there. He said that more than 4,000 engineers work in Bengaluru, which is the largest Boeing facility outside of the United States. The aviation company has 5,000 more workers in other parts of India than in Bengaluru.

Garcia said, “We are expanding our presence here and helping the Indian aerospace industry grow.”

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