Emergency Landing In Arabian Sea Off Mumbai Coast By Indian Navy Helicopter

On Wednesday morning, an Indian Navy Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) suddenly lost power and altitude, so it had to make an emergency landing in the Arabian Sea near Mumbai. The three crew members on the routine flight mission were able to get out of the helicopter safely. The helicopter was then landed in the water with its emergency flotation gear deployed.

“An Indian Navy ALH was on a normal flight mission near Mumbai when it suddenly lost power and fell quickly. “The pilot landed the plane in the water in a controlled way,” the Navy said in a statement. When you ditch, you have to land on water.

The statement went on to say, “All three crew members got out of the helicopter safely and were quickly rescued.” They were taken to the Navy’s helicopter base, INS Shikra, where they were checked out by doctors. They are all safe. The helicopter that went down used its emergency flotation gear, and now people are trying to get it back.

A Navy spokesman said that an investigation has been asked for. The official said that the helicopter in question was a Dhruv ALH, which was made in India, and that the three people on board were on a normal flight mission.

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