Indian Navy Achieves Success With Underwater Test

On Tuesday, the Indian Navy was able to hit an underwater target in a test.

A Navy spokesperson said that the successful engagement of an underwater target by a Heavy Weight Torpedo that was made in India was a big step forward in the Indian Navy’s and the Defense Research and Development Organization’s (DRDO’s) efforts to make sure that weapons are delivered on target underwater.

“This shows how serious we are about being ready for combat in the future,” the source said.

This is the second test of sea level in two weeks.

Last month, the Navy used the destroyer INS ‘Mormugao’ to test a new type of rocket.

The ‘Sea Skimming’ rocket hit the target that was floating in the water from below.

The Indian Navy says that the rocket can hit its target from up to 300 kilometers away.

India’s Medium-Range Ballistic Missile, Agni-1, was successfully tested for the first time last week from the APJ Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha. This was another thing that India did on its own.

The Defense Ministry said that the missile could hit its targets with a good level of accuracy.

During the training launch, all of the missile’s operational and technical factors were checked and found to be correct.

The Ministry says that the DRDO is working on a Technology Transfer Policy. Under this policy, products that have been tried and found to work are given to Indian industries so that they can make them in large quantities. This is done by signing a Licensing Agreement for Transfer of Technology.

So far, the DRDO has made 670 of these kinds of deals.

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