Indian Assets Ensure Stability In Arabian Sea: Navy Chief R Hari Kumar

Adm. R. Hari Kumar, Chief of the Naval Staff, said on Thursday that the Indian Navy will not accept any “instability” and has deployed its ships along the western coast to protect India’s maritime interests.

When asked about the situation in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea, the head of the Indian Navy said that Indian forces are already there for two actions to fight piracy. In this city, he was talking to the press outside of the fourth Global Artificial Intelligence Summit. “We were sent out to protect our country’s interests in the maritime domain.” We send out our own troops. “There are two ongoing operations against pirates, and we are also helping merchant ships fight drones,” the Navy chief said.

The comments came as worries around the world grew about Houthi militants attacking cargo ships in the Red Sea during the war between Israel and Hamas.

What the Navy does is make sure that we protect, defend, and advance our national interests in the maritime domain. That’s what we’re doing. Since 2008, efforts to stop piracy have been going on. “Since then, we have continuously sent out more than 106 ships,” he said. “Operation Sankalp is taking place near the Gulf of Oman and the Gulf of Aden.” As of last year, we had seen that hacking had almost gone away. After that, though, there was a comeback… We have sent out the right number of assets. He said, “We are not going to let any piracy happen.”

He also said that Indian commercial ships have not been attacked. “There has been no attack on any Indian-flagged merchant vessel, no matter what the trouble is.” “The last time they tried to attack a ship with a lot of Indian crew as piracy, our resources were sent right away, and we responded,” the admiral said.
“Our message is that we will not stand for any kind of instability or insecurity,” he said.

Kumar talked about artificial intelligence (AI) and said that the Indian Navy is looking into how AI can be used for both tactical and other reasons. A lot of projects are going on. “AI needs a lot of new machines and technologies.” People will get new jobs, specialize, and learn new skills because of all of that, he said. “We have a data analytics center of excellence…” The Indian Navy Incubation Center for AI is another place we’ve set up for new ideas. It’s in Bengaluru. “We are working on more than 30 projects for the Navy, mostly for operational needs but also for logistics, administration, and maintenance,” he said.

“We also have the IDex and NIIO Navy Innovation and Indigenization Organizations.” As part of IDEX, 14 deals with startups have been made for AI projects, Admiral Hari Kumar said.

Speaking to reporters, he had just opened the Global Artificial Intelligence Summit at the Manekshaw Center.

“With amazing progress in technology and new ideas, AI is a tool that could change the course of Bharat’s history during the Kartavya Kaal… We are seeing the lively spirit of AI today. “In this situation, it makes sense to use our strengths and become a world leader in AI,” the military chief said.

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