Cracking Down On Arms Trafficking: Indian Army Seizes Shotgun Cartons And Grenades In Manipur, 3 Arrested

In the wake of the crisis in Manipur, security forces on Tuesday found a huge stash of weapons and ammo at Kangchuk Chingkhong Junction. Five shotguns, five homemade grenades, and three boxes of shotgun ammo were found by the Indian Army.

Three people were arrested because they were thought to be related to militants and because they were found with weapons. The weapons and ammo have been given to the police in Manipur.

The Indian Army said in a statement, “Based on information, a mobile vehicle check post set up at Kangchuk Chingkhong Junction in Manipur stopped a Maruti Alto at 9:35 p.m. on Tuesday.” Five shotguns, five homemade bombs, and three boxes of shotgun shells were found. Three people have also been caught. They were given to the cops along with the things that were found.

On May 3, a “Tribal Solidarity March” was held in the hill districts of Manipur to protest the Meitei community’s desire for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. This led to fights in the state.

Before the violence in Manipur, there was tension over the eviction of Kuki villagers from reserve forest land, which led to a number of smaller protests.

The Army works with a school trust to teach 50 kids who don’t have much.

Together with the National Integrity and Educational Development Organisation (NIEDO), an educational trust based in Kanpur, the Indian Army runs a boarding school in Bishnupur, Manipur, for 50 poor children.

Their goal is to make sure that all children in Manipur have access to a good education and give children from poor families more chances.

Even though there is a crisis going on, all of these kids are still studying at Bishnupur for NEET 2023. Focused work has been done to help the candidates by giving them regular counseling, quality time, a safe place to live, and other necessities.

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