India-Russia Defence Cooperation: Unprecedented Tech Transfer, Says Denis Alipov

Alipov said that the level of cooperation in defense is still unmatched, giving a wide range of military equipment that has been tested in battle and a full transfer of technology.

Alipov said earlier this week at a meeting at the VIF-Valdai Club in New Delhi, “we are working on joint development and manufacturing of the most advanced systems, which will make a big difference in the “Make in India” and “Self-reliant India” initiatives.”

Alipov talked about the private sector and said, “New opportunities are opening up in areas like rail and air travel, water and river infrastructure, steel production, petrochemistry, shipbuilding, farming, and digitalization.”

“We are working together on a lot of projects and research programs in areas like medicine, telecommunications, robotics, AI, quantum, bio-, and nanotechnologies, applied mathematics and data science, smart cities, high-tech, fin-tech, and start-ups.”

The envoy said that space research is another interesting area. As part of the first India’s manned space mission, Gaganyan, Indian astronauts were trained, and the two countries worked together on satellite navigation and cryogenic rocket technology.

Alipov says that by having Russia lead this forum in 2024, new opportunities will arise to improve the BRICS role in the global monetary and financial system, making it more fair and safe.

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