India Is Standing Against A Bully: Top Bureaucrat Remarks On Situation At LAC

Defense Secretary Giridhar Aramane said on Wednesday that India is standing firm against a “bully” in a very “determined fashion.” He was talking about China’s military presence along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh.

He said those things in response to a question at the INDUS-X Summit during an interactive event.

Mr. Aramane said that India and the US can have a big impact on the Indo-Pacific’s politics, which would lead to peace, security, and prosperity in the area.

“The possibility that we may encounter a similar situation to what we faced in 2020 is keeping us active all the time,” he stated.

Aramane was asked about the problems India is having along the LAC and what New Delhi thinks Washington should do to help solve these problems.

“One thing that helped us right away was the intelligence and situational awareness that the US government and equipment gave us.” “That’s the one most important thing,” he said.

The defense secretary said that the strong resolve of both India and the US to help each other face a shared threat will be very important.

“India is fighting our neighbor on almost every front we have with them. Every mountain pass and road we have to be there.” “That’s why we’re standing there against a bully with strong will,” he said.

Mr. Aramane said that India wants its friends, like the US, to help it.

“We expect that our friends in the US will be there with us in case we need their support,” he stated.

“We greatly appreciate the support and resolve from our friends in supporting us during such an event, basically the information, the intelligence and any support by way of equipment will be of great use to us,” he stated.

There is a standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in some trouble spots in eastern Ladakh, even though both sides have pulled their troops out of several places after long diplomatic and military talks.

Mr. Aramane stressed in his speech at the meeting that India and the US are important players in the Indo-Pacific because they share values and interests.

“We are living through a turning point in the history of the Indo-Pacific region right now.” The Indo-Pacific, with its huge seas and important waterways, is where international trade, politics, and safety all meet, Aramane said.

“In navigating the complex dynamics of this region, India and the US find themselves as key stakeholders, bound by shared values and common interests,” he stated.

Aramane said that the strong defense relationship between the two countries is based on mutual respect and shared strategic goals. He also said that the creation of the Initiatives on Critical and Emerging Technologies (iCET) was a key way to strengthen ties.

“A pivotal aspect of our burgeoning relationship is the iCET that aims to establish ‘Innovation Bridges’ across key sectors,” he told us.

In terms of the partnership between the two countries in the defense and aerospace industries, Aramane said, “Our relationship is growing, and India is turning to the US more and more for cutting-edge technology and equipment.” The US, on the other hand, sees India as an important partner in its Indo-Pacific strategy and wants to use India’s growing defense powers to its advantage. He also talked about multilateral agreements in which both countries have a role.

India has a lot of “success stories” when it comes to making weapons. These include building ships like aircraft carriers and making advanced platforms like the Tejas multi-role fighter aircraft.

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