Indian Air Force Deploys S-400 Missile Units Along China And Pakistan Borders

Along the borders with China and Pakistan, the Indian Air Force has put its three groups of S-400 air defense missiles to work. Indian and Russian officials are going to meet soon to finalize the delivery plan for the last two squadrons. This will help India’s defense system even more.

India and Russia agreed in 2018-19 to buy S-400 weapons for about ₹35,000 crore. Russia was supposed to send five groups of S-400 missiles to India as part of the deal. Three of the five groups were sent. While the conflict between Russia and Ukraine made it harder to supply the other two.

“The three squadrons have already been sent to work in key areas.” One unit looks at both China and Pakistan, and one has been set aside for the China front and one for the Pakistan front.

According to sources, Russian and Indian officials will soon meet again to talk about the final delivery plan for the last two missile squadrons. This comes after a long break. Russia is still not sure when the two S-400 planes will be delivered because the war with Ukraine is still going on.

The planes that were supposed to be sent to India were instead used by Russia against Ukraine. The claim has not been confirmed by officials, and the Indian side is only concerned with getting its tools.

In other news, the Indian Defense Acquisition Council recently gave the go-ahead for Project Kusha to buy the Indian Long Range Surface Air Missile system. The change happened after the project was given the all-clear by the Cabinet Committee on Security.

The Indian Air Force and the DRDO are also working together to get the LR-SAM delivered as soon as possible. The three-layer long-range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM) defense system could shoot down enemy planes and rockets up to 400 km away.

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