After Mumbai Accident, Navy Halts Operations Of ALH Dhruv Helicopters, HAL To Fix Services

Because of the accident that happened two days ago off the coast of Mumbai, the defence forces have stopped using ALH Dhruv helicopters until investigators figure out what went wrong with them.

“The operations have been stopped until investigators find out what happened off the coast of Mumbai and safety checks are done,” defence forces officials told reporters.

HAL officials also said, “HAL has already taken steps and will work closely with customers to make sure the Helicopters fleet is fully operational.”

The Mumbai Coast Incident

On March 8, an Indian Navy Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) had to make an emergency landing off the coast of Mumbai. The helicopter was on a routine mission with three people on board.

An official said that a naval patrol plane saved the crew.

“An Indian Navy ALH went down near the coast while on a routine mission near Mumbai. The three people on board were found safe and sound by a naval patrol boat because of quick search and rescue efforts, the official said.

During the incident, it has been said that the Indian Navy ALH helicopter suddenly lost power and fell quickly.

The naval officers said that the pilot did a controlled ditching over water, and all three crew members got out of the helicopter safely and were found.

The emergency flotation gear on the downed helicopter was used, and efforts are being made to get it back.

“Ditching” is a naval term for making an emergency landing on water.

What are the ALH choppers?

The Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as the Indian Coast Guard, use ALH choppers a lot. They can be used for many different things.

The Indian military uses ALH Dhruv helicopters for many things, including moving people and supplies.

The ALH Dhruv has become an important part of the missions that all three forces do with helicopters in the different places they are sent.

Defense officials said they hoped the ALH Dhruv operations would start up again soon.

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